Lucy has been working as a jewellery designer and maker for eighteen years. Her work is made from precious metals and vitreous enamel.

She did a degree in fine art before going on to study jewellery and silversmithing at the John Cass College, London.

The art of enamelling is central to her work. Lucy feels this ancient technique offers huge potential to create layers of colour, depth and intrigue in her jewellery. She works with transparent, opalescent and opaque vitreous enamels and often places 24 carat gold foil between the layers of glass. She etches and then engraves the surface of the metal which shows through the layers of enamel and gives each piece greater depth. Each item requires multiple firings to build up the layers of enamel and consequently takes many hours to produce.

Lucy finds the process of enamelling always creates a unique result and as a maker the endless possibilities this process offers keeps her engaged and her work evolving. 

Her designs are often process led but she has always been inspired by the skies and landscape of Cumbria where she grew up. She finds these remote, fragile and often stark landscapes beautiful and inspiring, particularly the way light affects it’s colours and mood. It is often a feeling evoked by a place she tries to recreate in the aesthetics of a piece of work. Since moving to Devon Lucy has found Dartmoor and it’s shifting landscape another source of inspiration. 

She is very conscious of the tactile quality of her work and strives to create jewellery that feels already worn. She designs and makes each piece herself, ensuring the wearer has a unique piece of jewellery. 

Lucy uses ecosilver and fairtrade gold in her work. She was recently selected as a full member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen